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“Schwarz Bunte Seiten Berlin” will offer ...

... a platform for those actively fighting for the emancipation of society. Here you can find information on projects in Berlin and, if you want, a way of directly contacting them. This website is for people new to Berlin and for those who have already been living here for some time but have not yet got a handle on the large number of groups and projects here.

We also want to offer groups and individuals an easier way of sharing resources by centralising information on what individual groups and projects are doing.

How does the search function work?
  • Let’s say you need a space to organise an event. A search on our website will tell you that the A-17 infoshop has one you could use.
  • Or if you are searching for a certain anarchist book but don’t remember who wrote it, then the search will tell you that the easiest way would probably be to contact the team from the library Bibliothek der Freien.
  • Or you want to organise a party for a political cause, but you’re no use at cooking. Then you could contact Food for Action and if they like your idea, they might do the cooking for you.
You will find a very broad set of links here. This way we hope to bring together a large number of political currents. Our focus will be on groups potentially interesting to people new in Berlin, that is, groups that are likely to be around for some time. These can be political groups, anti-education groups (Kinderläden), antifascist and antiracist groups, queer organisations, activist artists, libraries, popular kitchens (Voküs), collectives, media projects, spaces for events, infoshops, youth centres, editors, news agencies, archives and so on.

If you click on the link below an alphabetic list of all the groups and projects will appear, along with some basic information. This information contains the group’s name, a brief description, and where they are in Berlin. An arrow at the bottom right-hand side of each project description leads you to a more detailed description. Here you can find photos or logos, opening hours, contact options and (at least for most of the projects) an interactive map showing you where you can find the project that interests you.

Things you will not find on this website:

We of course (as should be clear) do not feature groups that promote racist, sexist or anti-Semitic ideas or in any other way uphold ideas that discriminate against others on our website.

We believe that only by overcoming the so-called “social market economy,” that is, the current unjust economic and political system, can emancipation be achieved. At the same time we must never forget to critically question our own ideas and beliefs. That is why we will exclude two further types of groups and projects.

The first of these are groups either with no interest in fundamentally changing society, or whose work helps perpetuate the status quo. Among these we count political parties and welfare organisations. Their work stops people from rebelling and fighting for their needs and helps them accept the current state of affairs, leading to apathy, or chasing after a carrot, with nice slogans which in reality have nothing to do with everyone being able to live a life worthy of the name ‘human.’

On the other hand we have also decided to exclude groups supportive of ideas and regimes with authoritarian and repressive ideologies. For us this also includes the former Soviet Union, North Korea and Cuba.

Get active!

That’s what we want. We only have one life and there will never be a better time to use it than now.

We are aware that it is impossible to turn our set of addresses into a catalogue of the radical left and emancipation-oriented movements. To try that would be arrogant. The radical left and especially the antiauthoritarian part of the movement is made up of innumerable groups. Groups are formed, dissolved, they unite with other groups, become divided, change their names, temporarily unite their forces for a determined project or a yearly event, cooperate with other groups, network and evolve. Movement, in other words. But if everything constantly changes, then the information on our website is bound to get out of date.
That is where you come in. We need your help to constantly update the information on this website. If you feel like it, there are also other ways you can contribute to our pool of links. Want to write a text? Go ahead! Or maybe you know a project that that you can’t find here – write us an email. Feel free to contact us at info/at/Schwarz-bunte-seiten-berlin.org.

The Schwarz-Bunte-Seiten team Berlin

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